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WI Canada works with branches and communities across Canada to improve life, conserve our environment and contribute to the health of our global community. WI Canada also partners with the Associated Country Women of the World and the National Council of Women, along with other advocacy groups to effect global change and initiatives.

Through annual directives WI members lead change in key areas for healthy and sustainable living for all citizens:

 2018 Triennial Project:

    Creating and Supporting Mental Health

Additional areas of advocacy

  • Family and domestic education

  • Environmental conservation 

  • Cultural expression and diversity

  • Entrepreneurial and Financial sustainability

Outdoor Class

Let's Make A Difference Together

Here are some ways you can get involved:

Attend one of our Volunteer Orientations to start your Volunteer journey with WI Canada

Find your local WI Branch

or join our New Virtual WI Canada group

Become a WI Partner

Learn how to support WI initiatives by connecting with those leading projects in your community


Establishing a Voice


Supporting Post-War growth


Redefining Woman-hood


Supporting Families and their Communities


Participating in the Global Community

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