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WI Canada Archives

Research Policy and Fees for the WI Canada/FWIC Archives and Collections


Thank you for your interest in the history of the Women’s Institute of Canada.  We are delighted to be celebrating our centennial year in 2019 and have launched our publicly accessible archives as part of the festivities! 

Many of our collections are not online due to copyright, conservation issues, and our staff resources to process our collections. However, we are slowly adding material each quarter to the online database and hope you will continue to use WI Canada resources. 


If you can’t find information you need online please do not hesitate to reach out to our office for further research assistance. The office is open Tuesday through Thursday 10 am to 3 pm. Appointments can be made by calling 519.448.3873 or emailing info@fwic.ca.  Research fees may apply to requests please review our research policy and fee schedule prior to booking an appointment.


Research Policy:

Access to collections: The WI Canada archives, library and collection are great resources for historic research. Full of stories to the founding of the organization, work of WI’s across Canada over the past 100+ years, and biographical information on key players in the WI Movement make up the bulk of the material.  WI Canada strives to provide as much accessibility as possible to the material held in trust by WI Canada/FWIC. However, some access may be restricted or denied to material based on copyright or condition of the material. Some material may only be accessible via an in person visit to the archives.

Copy of material: Researchers are welcome to document any information found in the collections of the WI Canada/FWIC while using material in our collection, some material may be held in copyright and cannot be reproduced for researchers to take out of the research room, while others may not be stable enough to reproduce without conservation.  WI Canada staff will endeveaour to assist in any copy requests to the best of their ability. 

Any copies request will be subject to a copy/scan fee.

                First hour of Research: Free 

                Subsequent hours of research: $20 per hour

                Scanned copies (emailed to address provided on researcher form): $.25 per page

                Photo copy :$.50 per page + postage as necessary


WI Members or Friends of Addie receive a 15% discount on their total research invoice


Fees collected support the ongoing preservation and conservation of the historic material cared for by WI Canada/FWIC