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WI Canada is dependent on our amazing volunteer force to host meetings, produce programs and lead advocacy initiatives. Join a Women's Institute branch today and start on an amazing journey and support your community.

WI Canada strives to develop classes and webinars that help prepare today's Canadians for tomorrows challenges.  Classes are constantly under development and created with your input. If you don't see a class, but would like us to develop one send us a message. We are also continuously recruiting teachers and speakers for our courses.

From service recognition to community support and advocacy, the WI Canada awards and scholarships acknowledge the work that helps make our communities strong and healthy.

Every three years, WI Canada hosts a triennial convention for all its members. Women from across Canada, along with their guests, converge in a beautiful host city to take classes and attend lectures from leading women in industries affecting Canada. Of course, there is time for celebration and honouring our heritage among the convention activities.

Join us for the 2021 Convention in Newfoundland and Labrador.

WI Canada

Email: info@fwic.ca

Phone: 519.448.3873

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