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Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Good morning. I can now say with confidence we have a trip organizer and a travel agent working hard to finalize a tour that will happen around the conference probably before. A soon as we know the tours etc. that the ACWW conference committee is organizing we will finalize the itinerary. Airlines can not confirm flights and prices this early.

Would you please publicize this announcement in your respective newsletters?

A tour is being organized in conjunction with the ACWW Conference in Malaysia. May 17-25, 2023. If you are interested in receiving the details as they become available, please contact Barbara Weese, This will give a clearer picture of the number of participants. Please indicate your closest airport.

All tour arrangements are being made by an individual that specializes in small group tours and has extensive experience in Malaysia. All travel arrangements including airplane tickets are being arranged by a fully licensed experienced travel agent who is also a long-standing WI member

Yours for Home and Country, Barbara Weese

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