An Afternoon Tea to Celebrate Kuntsford Women’s Institute 1864-2014

On Saturday September 6 2014, Kuntsford Women’s Institute hosted a 1864-2014 celebration which included pictorials displays, presentations, music, and an afternoon tea. Joan Smallman presented flowers to Empress McDowell on her 95th Birthday, Jacquie Leard recognized Silver Dennis for 75 years service in WI. Greetings were extended by Hon. Robert Henderson, Marie Kenny, FWIC President and. Jacquie Leard, PEIWI. Congratulations to Fairley Yeo, chair and Orlo Smallman, President Knutsfort WI for a wonderful celebration !

It was a wonderful celebration and certainly reflected the dedication and commitment of so many WI volunteers to community building. Your displays, memorabilia, and pictorial displays celebrated your rich history. I congratulate you!! The past is your lesson The present is your gift. The future is your motivation. Blessings always

Marie Kenny, FWIC President

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