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Child’s Craft: A Handy Christmas Ornament

handprint ornament

Image Courtesy The Examiner

These aren’t just five snowmen

As anyone can see.

I made them with my hand

Which is a part of me.

Each year when you trim the tree

You will look back and recall

Christmas of 2014

When my hand was just this small.

Directions: Use a sponge brush to apply acrylic paint to your child’s hand. (No worries, it will wash off easily with soap & water). Then, keeping fingers spread, gently put handprint on ornament. It’s OK if the paint smudges a bit. That will help form the curves for the snowman. Once the paint dries, add the hats, eyes, etc with paint or permanent markers. Print the poem and tie to the ornament with a ribbon. (Adding the name and date to the ornament would make it a very personal gift for someone special)

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