Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic – another inconvenience!

Submitted by Debora Durnin-Richards, Member of Domain Women’s Institute, Manitoba

Darn, this physical distancing is hard. This business of not being able to gather for family or friendship dinners or celebrations is taking a toll on our emotional wellness. This situation is also adding to our disappointment in not being able to snuggle and hug our two lovely great, great nieces who joined our family just 7 months ago!

However, all our family and friends understand and accept that we must keep our distance in order to safeguard our own health, young and old, as well as other members of society. And importantly, to safeguard our health care system from being overwhelmed during this pandemic.

But darn it! We still wanted to connect with one another over the Easter/Passover/Spring weekend.

Now, we know there is allot of talent and creativity alive and well within our family members and friends (even if they do not see it within themselves). So instead of gathering together in early April to talk and tell each other stories about our lives, we used technology to collaboratively write a story of fiction and fun.

One person started a story. You know, a ‘Once upon a time’ sort of opening. Then the story was handed off to the next writer to add their words. Each writer was asked to build on the existing story theme but was free to take the plot and action in whatever direction they wanted. One person was ‘volunteered’ to bring the story to conclusion. Once done, everyone was sent the completed version.

It was an amazing experience. People dug deep to make their piece relevant. Some added humour. Others offered fantastical adventures. Others warmth and wisdom. Everyone found words to add to the story, even though they thought it would be too hard to do. And now, we have a written memory that we will cherish for many years to come. We will reflect on how disruptive Covid-19 was to our lives, but we have proof that it did not destroy our humanness. We found a way to ‘be together’ and show love to each other, even when we could not really be together. And we had a great time doing it!

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