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Downsizing During a Pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic has hit us all with a vengeance!! Self-isolation has become the norm—something none of us are used to!! So what to do??

I decided it was time to downsize—I’m a crafter/quilter/sewer etc and my craft room was getting overcrowded.

What fun finding things I’d forgotten I had!! Getting things organized in containers, well-marked, and sorting crafty items for my granddaughters as well as for future garage sales.

Then the unexpected happened! A friend of mine had passed away earlier in the spring. In the midst of my downsizing, I was notified that she had bequeathed all her crafts, including her quilting supplies etc. etc. to me!

Now I had a huge job—boxes and boxes of material and wool and you name it. My garage is full!!

Family, friends, and W.I. members will partake of some of these treasures. Already a friend who is making masks has received some of the material. I, too, have been making masks, and the material has come in handy.

Baking is now the “in” thing. I have made goodies to give to friends who are not bakers. And doggie treats—even our furry friends need a home-made treat.

Besides sewing and quilting, knitting takes up some of my time.

Knitting finger puppets is a fun thing to do—my little great-grandchildren are having fun with theirs. As my granddaughter teaches four-year-olds, she has asked me to make some for her class. And the Montreal Children’s Hospital will receive some at Christmas, as each Christmas my granddaughter collects toys and treats to take to the hospital.

Due to self-isolation, Zoom is the going concern to connect with family, friends as well as W.I. members. I’ve enjoyed having meetings and church services via Zoom. It lets us meet and visit with each other.

As the saying goes,“Ca va bien aller” - “We’ll Be OK”!


Submitted by Norma Sherrer, QWI secretary and past-president and Fordyce WI president

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