Meet the Branches of the Guelph Area in Ontario

Guelph Area is made up of 3 Districts and 18 Branches, it is a mixture of rural and urban situated northwest of Toronto, Ontario. Guelph Area covers a large area taking two hours to travel from top to bottom and almost the same side to side.

In 2019, we celebrated our 80th Area Convention. It seemed like the time for a different theme, so for the 2020 Convention we choose, “A New Decade – A New Beginning.” Little did we realize the new beginning was dealing with COVID – 19. Soon this pandemic took over our meetings and any social or fundraising events. From mid-March our job was to stay safe and healthy, we do have a lot of Members in the older bracket.

In 2018 and 2019 the Provincial theme was Lyme Disease, a disease that was spreading very quickly in Southern Ontario in particular but affecting the whole Province. This we knew was caused by tick bites but little else. Institutes across the Province became involved with supporting research and educating ourselves on Lyme Disease. The Guelph Area made a donation to support this research.

A donation was also made to the Erland Lee Museum to assist with the cost of painting the outside of the house.

In the interest of ridding our landfills of plastic bags, we held a workshop on making mesh bags suitable for holding fruit and vegetables while shopping. We were trying to get away from taking that plastic bag off the roll in the store to putting in an orange, only to file the bag in the garbage at home. Following the workshop each District was to make and sell as many bags as they could, half of the profit going to the Area and half staying in the District.

We support a Hall at the Country Heritage Park in Milton by staffing the hall on weekends and by putting up educational displays. Though we do not own the building, over the years there have been may volunteer hours spent keeping the flower beds and the inside looking attractive.

Our Tweedsmuir Book(s) have been kept up to date allowing our history to be available to students and researchers.

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