Hearth is Where the Home Is

Submitted by Lynn MacLean on behalf of the Projects Committee

WI Canada has had many projects over the years. Everything from Literacy to “Into the North” to Heart Health to Willie the Worm. Members have supported these projects by counting steps, making articles, or donating money.

Recently WI Canada approved the project for 2020-2021 and phase one builds on what we have been experiencing these last few months. Our homes have become our cafes, our activity centres, our schools, our fitness areas, and our libraries.

WI Canada's project 'Hearth is Where the Home Is' asks members to share stories from their own homes.

What did you do during your self-isolation? Did you try something new? Share a favourite recipe or pattern with someone? Did you look for ways to help others by making masks, delivering food? Reorganizing your closet? Redecorating? Did you learn a new skill? How did you stay connected with family? With your branch? What did you miss the most?

One of the best parts of WI is that we learn from each other. So let’s share our stories on what we did or learned. There are many ways in which to share. Write your story, include your favourite recipe, or pattern or take a picture and provide a brief description of what you baked, planted, quilted, redecorated, etc.

Another way to share is with “how-to” videos. This is a great way to share our stories and to teach others at the same time. We would welcome anyone who would like to create a “how-to” video to get in touch. The topics could include food preparation, crafts, sewing, quilting, card making, scrapbooking, home décor, gardening, or even operating farm equipment. The sky is the limit!

In addition to the online videos, there will be workshops available in person at the Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead. These are sponsored through funding from the Life Hacks Programming. Watch for more information on the website and social media as well as through WI Connections.

As we move beyond our days of self-isolation, we would welcome your thoughts and suggestions and stories on making jams, pickles, canning, or quilting, sewing, knitting, or crafts. Maybe gardening is your passion.

Do you have a vegetable garden? Grow herbs? Maybe heritage flowers are what you enjoy? Do you have pictures to share? Would you like to be a regular contributor?

Beginning in mid-June we plan to rotate themes and stories so if you would like to be part of the series on any of the above topics or others, let us know.

We truly want to hear from you and hope you will embrace this project as you have embraced our projects in the past.

For more information contact info@fwic.ca or your provincial WI Canada representative, your Provincial WI Office, or the National Office at PO Box 209 359 Blue Lake Road, St. George, Ontario, N0E 1N0.

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