Membership Monday – An Invitation to Engage and Connect

Virtual Potluck

You are invited to a

Potluck Christmas Party!

Yes, You!

And all of our Facebook Friends

When: December 14th to 24th

(or longer, if demand dictates!)

Where: On Facebook

Post a picture of your Christmas baking, or celebration dinner. Perhaps you could write out a cherished seasonal recipe and share it with us. Or, if you have a link to a recipe that’s online, that’s great, too!

Post a simple message of season’s greetings. Or not so simple. Reminisce. Share photos of your Christmas tree or sparkling lights or that funky sweater that once was an eyesore but is now all the rage.

Send us a snap of snowbanks or winter landscapes. Maybe even send a picture or yourself all decked out for the holiday.

Whatever you like, we would be delighted to hear from you. This is a chance to engage and connect with the women across the country and across the world.

Please share!

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About WI

Women’s Institute is a local, provincial, national and international organization that promotes women, families and communities. Our goal is to empower women to make a difference.

About FWIC

The idea to form a national group was first considered in 1912. In 1914, however, when the war began the idea was abandoned. At the war’s end, Miss Mary MacIsaac, Superintendent of Alberta Women’s Institute, revived the idea. She realized the importance of organizing the rural women of Canada so they might speak as one voice for needed reforms, and the value of co-ordinating provincial groups for a more consistent organization. In February 1919, representatives of the provinces met in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to form the Federated Women’s Institutes of Canada.

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