Looking for a Pen Pal?

WI Canada's Communication committee would like to start a pen pal program to benefit members and non-members.

Isolation has promoted a desire to connect with others here in Canada and requests for pen pals are also coming in from abroad. This connecting can be in the form of an actual pen and paper snail mail, email, postcards, telephone, Facebook messenger, whichever you choose.

Your personal information will be strictly guarded. When your requests are published they will only contain your first name, the country where you live, your interests and hobbies, and the approximate age of friend you wish to connect with.

Our first request comes from Sue in England. She would like a Canadian pen pal for friendship and learning about Canada where she has family roots. Sue is a pediatric nurse and loves children. She and her husband just celebrated 20 years of marriage. She recently joined WI and has fond memories of her WI grandmother. Her interests are many and include crafts, reading, singing in the church choir, her English cocker spaniel and researching family history Alberta near Drumheller. Sue would like to learn more about Canada so let's help her out from coast to coast!

To participate, please reach out to info@fwic.ca for more information.

If you decide to take part you will embark on a very wonderful experience. It's fun to learn how we can be so different yet so much the same.

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