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NFLD Coaker Foundation launches inter-generational learning program 

The Sir William Ford Coaker Heritage Foundation is launching a learning program for all ages, thanks to a grant from Eastern Health.

Officials from Eastern Health were in Port Union last week to officially announce the $10,000 in funding. It’s the largest grant the corporation has handed out this year from its community development fund.

Edit Samson of the Coaker Foundation said the inter-generational learning program will focus on exchange of knowledge between young and old, as well as storytelling.

The Women’s Institute is also helping with providing the craft meetings and storytelling sessions.

Click here to read more of this story by Jonathan Parsons.


Nova Scotia: Kings West District Women’s Institute holds fall rally

Cathy Kinsman, president of the Kings West District Women’s Institute, opened the meeting at the Lakeville community hall. The Mary Stewart Collect and Flag Salute were recited. Keshia Timmins, secretary, read the minutes of April 23, 2014 and Esther Chute gave the treasurer’s report.

Special guests for the evening were Jacqueline Melvin, Kings East District director; Heather Davidson, Kings East District president; Liz Johnston, vice-president, Kings East District.

Marge Kinsman

Clarice Pottie, Kings West District Director, recognized Marge Kinsman, Lakeville Women’s Institute member, with a certificate to mark her 90th birthday.

You can read the full report by Joanne Hill, South Berwick WI here.


From Prince Edward County WI, Ontario…

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