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NFLD Coaker Foundation launches inter-generational learning program 

The Sir William Ford Coaker Heritage Foundation is launching a learning program for all ages, thanks to a grant from Eastern Health.

Officials from Eastern Health were in Port Union last week to officially announce the $10,000 in funding. It’s the largest grant the corporation has handed out this year from its community development fund.

Edit Samson of the Coaker Foundation said the inter-generational learning program will focus on exchange of knowledge between young and old, as well as storytelling.

The Women’s Institute is also helping with providing the craft meetings and storytelling sessions.

Click here to read more of this story by Jonathan Parsons.


Nova Scotia: Kings West District Women’s Institute holds fall rally

Cathy Kinsman, president of the Kings West District Women’s Institute, opened the meeting at the Lakeville community hall. The Mary Stewart Collect and Flag Salute were recited. Keshia Timmins, secretary, read the minutes of April 23, 2014 and Esther Chute gave the treasurer’s report.

Special guests for the evening were Jacqueline Melvin, Kings East District director; Heather Davidson, Kings East District president; Liz Johnston, vice-president, Kings East District.

Clarice Pottie, Kings West District Director, recognized Marge Kinsman, Lakeville Women’s Institute member, with a certificate to mark her 90th birthday.

You can read the full report by Joanne Hill, South Berwick WI here.


From Prince Edward County WI, Ontario…

Click on the image for the source.

…and from British Columbia

Members of the Koksilah Women’s Institute during the 1960s. This photo was possibly taken at the ploughing matches. Left to right, tentatively identified: Edith Vaux, Janie Evans (James), Miss Reid, Mrs.William Chester.— Image Credit: Courtesy Cowichan Valley Women’s Institute

Home Sweet Home Kelvin Grove

Grace Jenkins has lived in Kelvin Grove all her life but one day realized her community had changed without her noticing.

“People were less involved with each other. I drove by houses every day; once I knew who lived there, and I didn’t anymore,” she described her revelation.

Jenkins decided to reverse her indifference and ensure the community would be recognized for its past, present and future through a community history book.

She had become active with the Kelvin Grove Women’s Institute, and felt the project right for their realm, especially as a celebration of the 2014 anniversary of the Confederation Conference.

“They are a group that works for community. That’s why they exist, to help their community be the best it can be,” she explained.

The Women’s Institute agreed, and created a volunteer committee to work on the project. Jenkins started with notes her late mother, Mary Picketts, had compiled earlier for a similar idea, and used her own graphic arts experience to edit the information that would become “Home Sweet Home Kelvin Grove: History of our community through its architectural heritage to 2014.”

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The idea to form a national group was first considered in 1912. In 1914, however, when the war began the idea was abandoned. At the war’s end, Miss Mary MacIsaac, Superintendent of Alberta Women’s Institute, revived the idea. She realized the importance of organizing the rural women of Canada so they might speak as one voice for needed reforms, and the value of co-ordinating provincial groups for a more consistent organization. In February 1919, representatives of the provinces met in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to form the Federated Women’s Institutes of Canada.

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