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This week’s article will not preface with a local event that hundreds attended. It will address a local organization that has worked tirelessly as part of the local fabric of our community and, much like many of our service organizations, is in great danger of becoming obsolete unless younger citizens come forward to continue the work it has provided for almost a century in the South Okanagan, BC.

The Oliver Women’s Institute celebrated its 90th birthday last year with a community picnic and spent time reminiscing back in 1922 when the area was opened up for agriculture for veterans of the First World War and other people hoping to find a better life for their families.

Helen Overnes, longtime president of the Women’s Institute, said that the group, exclusively women, would meet once a month to discuss concerns and issues about the community and what they could do about it.

Oliver WI

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Memory set in stone; Cenotaph unveiled in Wainfleet, Ontario

About a year and a half ago the Wainfleet Women’s Institute sent a delegation to council to yet again push for a cenotaph. Council referred the request to the Wainfleet Historical Society, a committee was formed and fundraising got under way.

Trivia nights, walkathons, pledge drives, business and community donations poured in for the $60,000 monument. Construction began in May.

“This is a momentous part of our history,” said Cummings, who was joined in making remarks by MP Malcom Allen, MPP Cindy Forster and Mayor April Jeffs before a traditional ceremony of remembrance featuring a moment of silence and laying of wreaths.


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London ON Area Women’s Institute begins next century

In 1914, Canada was at war and London Area Women’s Institute held their first convention.

In the minutes it was recorded that all branches were very busy knitting for the Red Cross war effort, they were encouraging everyone to “buy goods made in Canada”, sponsored prizes at the local fairs to encourage children to stay in agriculture and gave their boys to their country.

In 2014, London Area Women’s Institute held its 100th annual convention Oct. 9 at the Southwold Keystone Complex, Shedden, Ontario. Elgin District hosted the event and chose the theme “Back 2 Basics”.

London Area WI