Welcome, Bernadette!

The Alberta Women's Institute has a new Executive Director! She shared a get-to-know-you post in the AWI's newsletter and has kindly allowed us to duplicate it here.

Greetings, I am Bernadette Logozar, incoming Executive Director. I’d like to introduce myself by telling you a bit about me. I grew up on a mixed grain and beef farm in St. Paul County, Alberta. We lived on the southwestern edge of the county between Two Hills and St. Paul. I attended school in Two Hills. I am the youngest of five children. My brother still farms there today.

After completing High School, I attended college in Red Deer then university in Lethbridge and Edmonton. I completed a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Lethbridge and then a Masters in Political Science from the University of Alberta. After University, I worked for Alberta Municipal Districts and Counties as their Agricultural Research Officer, then for the Provincial Archives for about 6 months when they were building the new facility and needed to digitize and move the collections.

While at the Archives, I secured a position with Cornell Cooperative Extension Franklin County in Malone, NY. It was an adventure to a place I’d never been to, but my life fit in my car and I didn’t have anything to hold me back. It was supposed to be a 1-year position with the possibility of extension.

I was in Malone for nearly 12 years and served as an Agricultural Economic Development Specialist providing educational programming to farmers, small businesses, rural entrepreneurs and community development. Although this was my title my key role was as an Extension Educator. I taught and facilitated classes, programming and continuing education. I worked on a regional basis as a Local Food Specialist. During this time I also served on and worked with numerous community boards both as a member, advisor or facilitator. It was here I discovered my love for teaching.

When this position was no longer funded I left NY for a position back home in Alberta with Flagstaff County’s Economic Development Department as Economic Development Coordinator. I was with Flagstaff County for three years. After leaving Flagstaff County, I have been doing independent or freelance contract work.

I am a part-time Business Coordinator for Friends of the Battle River Railway and Battle River Train Excursions. This is a tourism operation based out of Forestburg, Alberta which provides themed train excursions throughout the year along the Battle River Railway. I also provide classes through the Flagstaff Community Adult Learning on the topics of social media marketing, Google Docs, as well as Yeast Baking or other topics as requested that I have skills and knowledge in.

Additionally, I provide social media marketing for clients in the Flagstaff County area, as well as support for family members who have businesses. I provide administrative support for my brother-in-law, accounting and social media marketing for my sister Karen both of whom are based in the Edmonton region. As well as for my sister Darlene who is in Australia.

Finally, I am currently midway through writing a book about growing up on a farm and the food (including recipes) that we ate growing up. At heart, I am a writer. This has always been something I have loved to do. I have been lucky enough that most of my jobs have required me to write. I also love to teach and share knowledge. I am an avid reader and enjoy doing cross-stitch, baking and cooking. I am intrigued by quilting but am hesitant to dive in with both feet. That is my next challenge to meet head-on.

I am very excited about the prospect of working with AWI and feel my skills, knowledge and talents will be a complement and asset to the organization. I look forward to learning more AWI and you too!

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