Women's Institute Treasures

I admit that I am a collector of cups & saucers and mugs.

I grew up having tea in fancy cups with my Grandmother and Aunt. My Mom, who is 88, also has a china cabinet full of cups and saucers and collector plates and spoons on her walls. So, I guess I come by collecting habits naturally.

About a month ago, I had a phone call from the daughter of one of our former WI members who had recently passed away. She was sorting through her Mom’s things and found a cup & saucer that had a WI crest on it. The family wanted it to go where it would be appreciated. 

I told her that I would be pleased to add it to my WI Room.

Do you know the origins of this teacup and design? Email at lhfwic@gmail.com.

Another collection that I have are WI & ACWW Convention pins from across Canada and around the world.

The question has arisen whether to have a convention pin for the FWIC 2021 Triennial Convention. 

Some say “no” but I say “yes” for a couple of reasons. This will be a milestone in that the FWIC and ACWW Canada Area Conference will be held following each other in St. John’s, NL, as the Area Conference has been postponed from June 2020 in Sidney, BC due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We need your help to design a pin that would represent both of these events.

It would be a rectangular size rather than a square. Some ideas that have been tossed around are provincial flowers (BC and NL), a form of the ACWW theme (Diversity=Strength), the two years (2020 and 2021) as a reminder of the year that slowed down. 

As FWIC Past President, I will donate a prize for the winning entry. Send your lapel pin designs in a JPG format to Linda Hoy by November 15th, 2020, to lhfwic@gmail.com.

Submitted by Linda Hoy, Canada Area President, ACWW