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Married at 25, widowed at 45, head of an international organization at 65!

Madge Watt led an eventful life and a successful career working with women. She had the skills and attitude that would have made her a success anywhere, but she chose to enhance the power of women reaching helping hands to other women. Together with thinking women from other countries, the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) was formed and now has over 7 million members -- all women. They understand issues from the woman's point of view, and they know the pressures on them. Women today stand on the shoulders of their mothers and their mother's mothers. If you think women's voices haven't been raised before this, Madge Watt's story will help you think again.


Ruth Fenner and Helen Geissinger share a fascination with the accomplishments of Madge Watt. The authors met after Ruth’s prize-winning essay about Madge Watt caught Helen’s attention. Both know that Madge’s work and successes have been overlooked, perhaps because of the many stresses in Canadians’ lives. Ruth has been a member of the Women’s Institute (WI) in British Columbia for a number of years and has helped write a history of their first 100 years in the province. She has been a radio personality as well as enjoying a regular online presence on the BCWI website. Helen’s connections with Madge Watt are through the family. Madge is her great-aunt and was a strong presence in her life when Helen was very young, so she shares stories that throw light on how Madge Watt came to earn her accolade in Canada as a Person of National Historic Significance.


Madge Watt and the Power of Women Working Together

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  • R. Fenner, Author

    H. Geissinger, Author

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