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This Premium Program Package is a fundraiser for FWIC includes:  1 WI Canada Pin; 1 Virtual Tarot Reading for your entertainment; 1 FWIC Purse Holder; 1 WI Canada Pen; 1 Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Booklet; 1 Adelaide Hunter Homestead Post Card and 1 WI Canada Premium Program Membership Card.  Premium Program Membership expires in 1 year from date of purchase.  2% of the net proceeds of the Package Package sales will be sent to the Provincial/Teritorial  WI Office in the province from which the sales originated.  Please note:  this is not a member to FWIC or the Provinicial/Teritorial  units.

WI Canada Premium Package Program

SKU: 36523641234523
  • Shipped via Canada.  Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.

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