WI Resolutions 1919-1939

WI Resolutions Collections contains an overview of the resolutions passed by the Federated Women's Institutes of Canada (now known as WI Canada) from 1919 to current resolutions being added to the collection as they are accepted. Subgroups are organized chronologically. 

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Since the founding of the Federated Womens Institutes of Canada there have been many official resolutions presented to leaders at home and abroad. Click on the decade to learn about the federal resolutions presented and supported by the WI Canada.


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1919: Health and Hygiene

RESOLVED that a Women’s Institute Health League be constituted, the membership to consist of those who have attended a prescribed course of lectures on Health subjects, and passed an examination on the same RESOLVED that all those who have fulfilled the required conditions be granted a certificate of Membership in the League. RESOLVED that in order to secure uniformity and to provide a course suitable to the needs of this country, the Executive of the FWIC be authorized to prepare a suitable t