WI Canada

WI Canada is dedicated to serving communities across Canada through advocacy and education programs.

Email: info@fwic.ca

Phone: 519.448.3873

CRA Registered Charity

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WI Canada Board & Committees

Board members serve a three year term which starts at the Triennial Convention and Meeting.

2018-2021 Board Members as appointed:

Joan Holthe (BC), President

    Chair, Executive Committee


Margaret Byl (ON), President Elect

    Executive Committee

    Chair, Community, Culture & Heritage 


Linda Mason (AB), Treasurer

    Executive Committee

    Outreach & Development

Jill Copes (BC)

    Executive Committee

    Chair, Advocacy

Karen Gerwing (SK)

    Chair, Communications & Public Relations

Justina Hopp (MB)

    Community, Culture & Heritage

Miriam Lank (PEI)

    Community, Culture & Heritage

Lynn MacLean (NS)


Judy Page-Jones (QB)

    Chair, Outreach & Development

Angela Scott (NB)

     Communications & Public Relations

Mary Shortt (ON)

     Communications & Public Relations

Elizabeth Young (NL)

     Outreach & Development

     2021 Triennial Meeting (Ad Hoc)

Wendy Hamilton, Ex- Officio

    Executive Director, WI Canada/FWIC

Annual Calendar

  • FWIC Annual Board Meeting & Annual General Meeting       –  late summer/early fall each year

  • Executive meetings –  at the call of the Chair

  • Committee meetings – organized by Committee Chairs

  • Triennial Convention – June 2021 hosted by Newfoundland and Labrador Women's Institutes

The WI Canada/ FWIC Board consists of representatives from every province with an active Women's Institute branch in addition to the WI Canada/FWIC Executive Director.

The WI Canada/FWIC committees are charges of the WI Canada/FWIC Board and consist of at least one representative and members at large.

WI Canada/FWIC also manages working groups for special projects such as centennial celebrations, heart health, rural childcare, Into the North Food Summit, advocacy and lobbying at a federal and international level, as well as the running of the Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead, a national historic site in St. George, Ontario.