Federated Women's

Institutes of Canada

The Federated Women's Institutes of Canada, hereafter "WI Canada", is a registered non-profit organization. We are a community-based organization, compromised of representatives from every province with an active Women's Institute branch.

The WI Canada Board of Directors consists of elected representatives from across the country. Executive committees are charges of the WI Canada Board and consist of at least one representative and members at large.

WI Canada also manages working groups for special projects such as centennial celebrations, heart health, rural childcare, Into the North Food Summit, advocacy at a federal and international level, as well as the running of the Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead, a national historic site in St. George, Ontario.

Board members serve a three-year term which starts at the Triennial Convention and Meeting.


Our mission: a national network for women and families to promote leadership and personal development opportunities through education and fellowship.

FWIC/WI Canada Board of Directors

President - Margaret Byl (ON)
President Elect - Lynn MacLean (NS)
Provincial Representatives:
Linda Mason, FWIC Treasurer (AB)
Colleen Hooper (BC)
Karen Gerwing (SK)
Denise Joss (MB)
Mary Shortt (ON)
Judy Page-Jones (QC)
Angela Scott (NB)
Eleanor Lilley (NS)
Doreen Wall (PE)
Elizabeth Young (NL)

Dates to Remember

FWIC Annual Board Meeting & Annual General Meeting       

  • late summer/early fall each year

Executive meetings

  • at the call of the Chair

Committee meetings

  • organized by Committee Chairs

National Convention