20210325-Woman of the Year Nomination -

The Federated Women's Institutes of Canada is pleased to present the 2021 Recipient of this prestigious Award  


Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Canadian Woman of the  Year 

Ruth's Story

Ruth has emulated the qualities of Adelaide and has inspired others with her leadership skills in both the Women’s Institutes and serving her community.  She has been a member of WI for over 30 years, holding positions at the local, district, provincial, national (President of FWIC 2009) and international levels.  Ruth is currently a Regional Director of WINS. 

"Ruth is a great promoter of WI, enthusiastic worker, keeps us informed  of what is going on nationally and internationally and encourages us to think beyond ourselves. …She has great leadership skills but with a humble attitude.”  I have been pleased to write this note and offer my vote that Ruth Blenkhorn be considered for her passionate, committed, and leadership skills for the volunteer of the year award.”                                                                                                               Elizabeth Johnson, President of Port Williams Women’s Institute


"Ruth has my deepest admiration and respect and I am delighted to provide a recommendation for her candidacy for WI"s "Woman of the Year" award 2021.”                                                  Judith A (Judy) Parks, Cambridge. NS


“Adelaide Hoodless was a woman of vision. Ruth shares that trait.  Ruth Blenkhorn merits the recognition of her leadership and dedication in being the recipient of the Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Woman of the Year Award.”                                                                                                                         Dr. Ellen McLean, Past President WINS, FWIC, ACWW

Watch for  Information for Nominations for 2022