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2024 WI Triennial Convention

23rd Triennial Convention
"Sailing into the Future, with a Recipe for Success"


The 23rd National Federated Women’s Institutes of Canada Convention will be held in Nova Scotia on  September 17, 2024  to September  19, 2024  with an optional tour day on the 20th.  

Attendees will be  ‘inspired’ throughout the convention with outstanding speakers, entertainment,  and more.   This will be a time for many friendships to be re-kindled and new ones formed.  There is nothing like an in-person meeting, but for those who cannot join in person, the AGM will be a aired virtually.

The WINS Triennial Convention Committee Members are hard at work putting plans together to make this a memorable occasion for all.  Watch for updates.


We'll see you on-line

from the Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead

Join Us  for the

Virtual 2021 Triennial Meeting!

It is with sadness that we must inform you that The Triennial Events, hosted by Newfoundland & Labrador Women's Institutes, have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions.  The dates have been changed to July 5 & 6 and will take place as a virtual gathering.  We wish to convey our profound thanks to the ladies of the NLWI and the planning committee for all of the hard work and effort made on our behalf.   As part of the festivities, this Triennial Meeting will again feature the wonderful Tweedsmuir Competitions - with a new one added to 2021's Line up.

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