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WI Resolutions

Federal Resolutions are submitted by provinces to the FWIC board through the Advocacy Committee. Resolutions are presented by the committee for consideration at the two annual board meetings between triennial conventions.

Resolutions are accepted for presentation to the national convention until three months prior to that convention; copies are then forwarded to board members and to the offices of the Provincial Units one month prior to the convention. Resolutions presented at the Triennial Meeting and accepted by the board are then presented to the members at the National Convention.


Emergency resolutions are also presented for consideration by the board and national convention; these must be considered by the board prior to presentation at the national convention.

Explore a Century of Change

Since the founding of WI Canada, we have presented many official resolutions to leaders at home and abroad. An interactive exhibit is under construction with the goal of sharing our federal resolutions presented and supported by women across the country.


Establishing a Voice


Supporting Post-War growth


Redefining Woman-hood


Supporting Families and their Communities

1991- Today

Participating in the Global Community

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