Donate to WI Canada

The WI movement is dependant on your financial gifts to keep crucial programs and operations up and running. In addition to special campaigns, WI Canada has a number of ways you can support our work!

Our Centennial Project:

Thank you to everyone that donated to Addie's Dream Kitchen.  Although COVID-19 forced us to stop with our kitchen renovation & education center plans, we will continue our virtual education and our "Hearth is where the Home is" national project.  Watch for updates in the near futures.

Creating Your WI Legacy:

As a registered Canadian charity, the Federated Women's Institutes of Canada are eligible to receive bequests and estate gifts. Pledging your support for the ongoing programs of WI Canada ensures future generations have access to resources and that we are able to advocate families and communities around the world.

Collecting Donations
Cooking Class

Sustaining gifts to the Federated Women's Institutes of Canada:

Monthly giving is the easiest way to support WI Canada. Please consider making a gift of $10 (or more)  monthly to ensure the basic operations of WI Canada are supported throughout the year. 

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Merchandise, Programs  and More:

In addition to our ongoing products, we offer WI Canada merchandise. 

You can also make one-time donations of your choice.​