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Message from WI President

For Home and Country in a New Century


During the 2019 Centennial celebratory year of the Federated Women's Institutes of Canada we take time to reflect on our past and make plans for the future.  Keeping our motto For Home and Country front of mind, we celebrate the diversity of families in Canada and the great work of our members in supporting the needs of communities across the country.

As we embark on the next decade of the 21st century we take to heart the work done by our foremothers and continue to be inspired by the amazing work done by women around the world. In this triennium (2018-2021), WI Canada is embarking on a new and crucial project aimed at bringing health and wellbeing to communities across Canada through education, united advocacy, and lobbying at the national and provincial levels. In addition to our triennial project, we continue to support the work of WI's across the country. 

I invite you to explore our new website and all the wonderful information being presented about Women's Institutes and issues being faced by women and families in Canada.  WE Can, our new virtual engagement portal, will launch just in time for our Annual General Meeting in 2019, ensuring anyone who wishes to participate in WI Canada projects has an opportunity to do so. In addition to providing a virtual participation platform for women across the world, WE Can members will have access to WI networks across the world and the opportunity to participate in initiatives with our partner organizations and other WI's. I hope you are inspired to join WE Can as we move forward into the next century of WI and make a larger impact in our communities! 

Yours in Home and Country,

Joan Holthe


WI Canada/FWIC President (2018-2021)