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Tips for Inspiring the WI Members in your Group

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• Make it a practice to thank your WI members for their efforts • Encourage, motivate and show enthusiasm for projects and programs • Plan some fun programs, share jokes and stories • Keep things simple – do not deal with too many issues at one time • Find out the issues that the members are interested in and invite speakers on the topics • Write a resolution about a “burning” issue • Brainstorm to come up with new ideas or new ways to present old topics. • Seek feedback from your members by having comments and questions at the end of your meetings • Solicit program ideas from the membership • Make sure no member is carrying more responsibilities than she can handle or desire • Frequently check with each member so that discontent can be known and changes made • Use the talents of your members • If certain practices are no longer working in your group, change the way things are being done • Be flexible – try different ways of meeting, working and planning

W.I. Our goal is to Inspire Women to make a difference! Let’s have fun and make that happen.

Can you add to the list? Join in, please,  and comment below!

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