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A New Year’s Resolution

Jar Project

Here is something that I’m going to try this year. It is part of my plan to include more kindness and generosity and other positive elements in my life. I know that there are plenty of good things going on all of the time, but my focus is elsewhere. Keeping a jar/journal/blog will help me simply recognize the good things when they happen.

Many years ago, the members of our household kept a house journal on the kitchen table and we’d all write in it whenever the urge hit. “Deer in the yard today – at least a dozen” or “Family for Thanksgiving” or the daughter drew a picture of her boyfriend… stuff like that. It was sort of like a manual of daily statuses. Pre-blogging or Facebook. That was fun.

We know we have challenges and trials and tribulations. No need to be reminded of those. The harder bits of life have a way of dominating our world and shoving aside the smaller but nourishing good bits. You might like to do this for your family, or for your WI. Keep a record of the small victories. Then, at the end of the year, or whenever the need arises, take the time to read and remember.

Happy New Year to you!

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