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On The Ground Perspective of Attending an ACWW Area Conference

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Since I became a member of the Women’s Institutes in 1981, I have attended provincial and national conventions, board meetings and world conferences each year using my work vacation. For anyone who has never attended an Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) Canada Area Conference, I would like to tell you what you might do at one of these conferences.

My first ACWW Triennial World Conference was in 2004 to Hobart, Tasmania and my first Eastern Canada Area was in PEI in 1999.

Until I had attended a provincial Women’s Institute convention, I didn’t understand the full extent of the work that our members do. That also applies to the national (FWIC) and international (ACWW) whether it is a board meeting with twenty members or as large as a World Conference with 400 in attendance.

In between the Triennial World Conference, a Canada Area Conference is held to keep the members informed of how their donations to Pennies for Friendship, The Women Empowered Fund (Projects) and Women Walk the World are used; good news stories from the societies; hands-on or learning workshops and not to mention lots of time to renew old friendships and make new ones.

The planning starts when a Society puts in an offer to host the event. We try to alternate the area conferences between east and west. They work with the Area President and their members to plan an enjoyable time with meals, entertainment and tours of the area.

This encourages members to attend and learn about ACWW without the cost of world travel. The ACWW World President is invited to attend and we have been very fortunate to have many in attendance. They bring messages to inspire and empower women.

Companions are welcome and kept busy on the days when the business is being carried out.

Canada Area has three members who were elected in Melbourne, Australia in 2019 to the positions of Committee Chairs and three others who were selected as committee members.

They will be facilitators at the Canada Area Conference in St. John’s, NL in 2021. Past World President, Dr. Ellen MacLean and Past Canada Area President, Margaret Yetman.

We look forward to seeing you in St. John’s, NL in 2021. We are sure that you will have a memorable time whether it is your first ACWW conference or one of many. Watch for upcoming news with speaker bios and the registration package early in the New Year.

Submitted by Linda Hoy, ACWW Canada Area President

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