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Why I Joined the Women's Institutes

This picture taken in 1987 shows 4 generations of eldest daughters. My grandmother Edith Davidge, mother Bev Young, me Karen Gerwing and my daughter Tara Vesey.

My Grandmother and Mother were members of the South Australian Country Women's Association, a member of ACWW.  Grandma was a handicraft judge for many years and my Mother is currently President of her branch in Crystal Brook.

I moved to Saskatchewan in 1984 and joined the Kelstern Branch of SWI in 1985 when I was 22. It was a great way to become involved in the community, an educational experience and wonderful support for a young woman starting out in a new country.

My daughter is now raising her family and enjoys crafts, baking, farming and working in her community, having benefited from growing up being influenced by the Women's Institute. I did purchase a membership one year for her but there are no branches left to join and she is busy with her life for now. Maybe in the future.

Submitted by Karen Gerwing, Saskatchewan Women's Institutes

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