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Hearth is Where the Garden Is

The “Hearth is Where the Home Is” project is a skill- and community-building program taught by WI members and others across Canada.

In the May’s edition of WI Connections, Lynn MacLean gave you an outline of the submissions we are looking for:

  • Food preparation,

  • Gardening,

  • Crafts and décor, and

  • Health and wellness.

The project meets the WI Canada objectives of providing a united voice for the Women’s Institutes, initiating programs, and providing resource materials and providing a medium of intercommunication among the units of the Federation.

Gardening seems to be the hot topic this year with everyone having to “stay home” and “self-isolate”. At my local feed store, they had run out of the popular seed packages and the seed potatoes in about ten days of having them put out for sale.

My husband decided this year to build above ground garden beds. Our only problem is keeping the cats out of the boxes! They probably think they are big kitty litter boxes.

Our neighbour in town built raised garden boxes out of pallets. These boxes even have plastic greenhouse covers. This was good for the plants when we had extremely hot days here in Quebec and then the temperature dropped - we had two nights of light frost!

Some people do not have ground space and, instead, plant vegetables in containers on their balconies.

What about you are you gardening this year? Maybe you can give some gardening tips to share with other members across Canada. What about community gardens, is anyone involve with this type of gardening? How does it work, what are the benefits?

Crafting is another activity that homebound members are probably doing. I know when I have attended the Convention, I have witnessed many lovely projects made by the members. Maybe you started a new hobby or craft that you could share with pictures or a tutorial written or a video.

To participate, send all submissions to or your provincial WI Canada representative, your Provincial WI Office, or the National Office at PO Box 209 359 Blue Lake Road, St. George, Ontario, N0E 1N0.

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page, too, for updates on “Home is Where the Home Is”.


Submitted by Judy Page Jones of the Quebec Women's Institute.

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