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Knitted Star Dishcloth

In her newsletter to the Quebec WI’s, Sheila Needham wrote about a craft demonstration where Norma Sherrer tought the members how to knit a star dishcloth. Today I have the instructions for you. The image below is of Sheila’s Christmas coloured dishcloth.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Click on the image for a larger view.

STAR DISHCLOTH by Norma Sherrer

#7 Canadian or #4.5 Metric (or any size you wish)

I use 17 stitches, as this makes a bigger dishcloth. Directions call for 15 sts. (Directions for 17 sts. in brackets)

Cast on 15 sts. ( 17 sts. ) Knit 1 row.

*K 1, YO, K 12 (14) – turn, slip 1. K to end K 2, YO, K 10 (12) – turn, slip 1. K to end K 3, YO, K 8 (10) – turn, slip 1. K to end K 4, YO, K 6 ( 8 ) – turn, slip 1. K to end K 5, YO, K 4 ( 6 ) – turn, slip 1. K to end K 6, YO, K 2 ( 4 ) – turn, slip 1. K to end

*K 7, YO, K 2 – turn, slip 1. K to end (the K 7 is only when you use 17 stitches)

21 stitches on needle ( 24 stitches on needle )

Bind off 6 stitches ( 7 sts. ) K to end. 15 stitches on needle (17sts. on needle ) Knit back *

Repeat from * to * 11 times for 12 points. Bind off loosely. Sew together. Pull up centre stitches tightly.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***

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